We are going digital in Serbia!

05 Apr 2019

We are going digital in Serbia!
There are numerous reasons to go paperless in today’s world. Right now we can only think of the most important ones, such as being able to access important information anytime, anywhere; having a safe place for all your data, with it being systematically organized and easy for you to use and find; making all operation processes faster and easier, and definitely not the last of importance – being more environmentally friendly by cutting down on the amount of paper used in the office (did you know that paper use worldwide currently exceeds 400 million tonnes per year? Imagine how many trees that equates to.)

Progress rests on the idea of making processes faster and easier, thus making space for more creative thought and even more innovation. Two years ago, we launched our first digital exams in-house in Bulgaria, using the digital exam administration and conducting tool Exa-MS. Now we’re expanding digitization in Serbia also – on April 2 we had our first ISQTB Foundation Level exam conducted on tablets through Exa-MS. For exam takers this means easier and more comfortable exam-taking, immediate results and the possibility to change a marked answer. Everything went perfect, with much positive feedback.

We’re currently working towards offering our ISTQB Advanced Level portfolio in e-exams in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. Stay tuned! :)

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South East European Testing Board is part of The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). South East European Testing Board and ISTQB are both internationally recognized, independent and non-profit organizations.
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