Terms and Conditions


The registration process is simple – complete the standard SEETB exam online registry and our team will get in touch with you for further information.


The fees for the attendance of events shall be due upon receipt of invoice, net cash. All prices shall be subject to additional applicable value added tax. The exam fees include the taking of the exam, certificates (if passed), provision of exam results via e-mail.


SEETB shall have the right to make minor changes to the contents of events and to change the venue or dates of events. Venue or date changes shall be communicated in a timely manner.

Copyright and Data Privacy

Under no circumstances is anyone permitted to reproduce, duplicate, distribute or publish excerpts from the documents or exam questions without the written consent of SEETB.

Candidate ID

Candidates are required to bring identification documents to the exam center (Passport, ID card and Driving License).

Examination Process Structure

Exams are administered at an accredited training centre or facility. All exams follow a multiple-choice question scheme. Exams are paper-based, except for the Foundation level, with a passing score of 65%; each question has only one answer. The only differences are in the exam duration. Foundation Level exams run for a total of 60 minutes for native English speakers and 75 minutes for non-native speakers. Single Advanced Level exams run for 180 minutes for native English speakers and 225 minutes for non-native speakers. SEETB forwards to all exam takers the exact time and address where exams will be conducted one week before the examination takes place. The only differing exam is the IREB CPRE, where the passing score sits at 70%, there are questions with more than one correct answer and the duration is 90 minutes.

Process of Evaluation

After marking is complete, examination results are sent via e-mail. Exam takers for the ISTQB/CMAP/IREB CPRE certification also receive a detailed “Statement of Results”, which breaks down performance in percentages per every chapter of the examination. ISTQB/CMAP/IREB CPRE exams are "High Stake" exams. Therefore, it is not possible to see exam papers either before or after results are issued. All exam papers contain confidential information so SEETB is unable to show exam takers' blanks.

Failing and Repeating an Exam

As with all exams, there is a possibility of failing, but this shouldn’t worry you as all exams are available to retake as many times as you need.

The IREB CPRE certification exam differs in that applicants can retake the exam twice in a row. If applicants fail for a third time, they have to wait for a year to retake the exam again.


ISTQB Foundation Level, ISTQB Advanced Level, IREB CPRE Foundation Level and CMAP Foundation Level certificates are valid for life.

Certificate and Logo Conditions

I agree that as a holder of the requested certificate I shall:

  • Comply with the relevant provisions of the certification;
  • Make claims regarding certification only with respect to the scope for which certification has been granted;
  • Not use the certificate in a misleading manner;