In the last few years apps and mobiles have become very important element of today’s society. It is important that IT professionals are up to date with the latest developments of mobile technology and how it impacts testing, performance and security.

What are the entry criteria?

It is suggested that candidate for the CMAP Foundation Level certification holds a certificate for ISTQB® Certified Tester - Foundation Level or have knowleges in the area of software quality and software testing, preferably on equivalent level. Basic knowledge of concepts in software testing is required.

A CMAP© Certified Mobile App Testing Professional can:

  • assist in adaptation of existing testing processes for testing of mobile applications
  • support the requirements team in review of mobile application related requirements using knowledge of mobile markets and contexts
  • adapt existing testing experience and knowledge and existing way of testing web and other applications to mobile testing
  • identify and apply appropriate methods for testing of characteristics unique to mobile technology
  • identify and use appropriate tools to assist in mobile application testing including emulators/simulators
  • assist the mobile application team in identifying potential test automation activities and corresponding tools
  • assist in identification of requirements of a test lab for carrying out mobile application testing

CMAP - Testing Foundation Level contents:

  • Overview of Mobile World
  • Introducing The Mobile World
  • Business Model in Mobile Space
  • Overview of Mobile Devices
  • Different types of Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Application Architecture
  • Development Platforms for Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Applications Test Types
  • Challenges of mobile application testing
  • Emulators & Simulators
  • Mobile Testing Types
  • Mobile Application Testing Process & Techniques
  • Mobile test Process and Strategy
  • Experience Based Testing Techniques
  • Tools and Automation
  • Automation Approaches
  • Automation Solutions
  • Automation Process
  • Exploring Mobile Automation Tools
  • Test Environment and Test Lab

CMAP - Testing Foundation Level Exam Structure:

The certification exam is paper – based, in the form of a multiple – choice test in English. It consists of 40 questions; each question has only one correct answer. Passing score – 65%. Duration of the exam – 60 minutes, extended by 15% for non-native speakers, i.e. 75 minutes.